Life Blood by Cathy Henderson

Opened 11th March 6pm Main Concourse in St James's Hospital

Life Blood is a series of painted portraits of non-medical staff in St James's Hospital subverting the tradition of boardroom style portraits of senior hospital staff.

Those represented in this body of work are cleaners, caterers, porters and other technical support personnel - the lifeblood of the hospital.

"Following a road accident I spent many months recovering in St Vincent's hospital where I became familiar with a long corridor lined with old portraits of people from the hospital's history. They are uniformly rather dark, formal and old-fashioned. Their subjects are senior figures such as past hospital masters, consultants, benefactors and administrative figures

I wanted to redress the balance in favour of those who actually work in our hospitals now. Porters, cleaners, caterers and the diverse maintenance and service personnel who are equally deserving of recognition and celebration" - Cathy Henderson

For details of the exhibition or any of the work displayed you can contact:

Phone: Cathy Henderson: 086 221 8350 / 01 281 92 82 Email:

Or Sheila Grace, Arts Director, St James's Hospital: 01 4103703 Email:

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